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Hirtenstraße 19, 10178 Berlin, Germany

+49 30 24041420


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How We Work


You’ve called Redd in
to discuss the project.
We iterate our capabilities.
You tell us what you need
and the results you are after.
A perfect match?
Let’s move on!

Proposal Prepared.
Project Fee Submitted.
Sign off.
It’s a go!


You’re on board.
We’re in business together.
Let’s look closely at what needs to be achieved.
The more we know about you, your
culture, and the goals of this
project, the better.

Thinking hats on.
We’re off.


We get going.
The design phase starts.
Scribbles. Ideas.
How it looks. What it does.
How do we do this?
Our concept gels.
A presentation is made.

Did we get it right?


The green light given.
The development starts.
Back end stuff tested on
everyone and their dog.
The look animated,
Like it? Cool!

Smiles all round.


Conformity to your objectives, checked.
Design checked.
Technology checked.
Implementation checked.
Everyone happy?
Your digital project goes live.